About Us

GreenBoo Co., LTD is one of the trustworthy companies specializing in exporting Fresh Fruits – Tropical Fruits from Vietnam to all over the world, especially in Europe, Asia markets.

“Your Happiness is Our Happiness”

Your, it means you – Importers and more specifically – Consumers, you also mean Suppliers of us and more specifically – Farmers. We deeply want to provide all products with the best quality that we can as well as recognize Quality Standards for the products of suppliers, farmers. To prove the quality of our products is Global G.A.P Certificate, and step by step, we are always working to make sure that our products fulfill the requirements on food safety from the EU commission and the international standards.


Company's quality of products are always improved day by day.
Our company will create supply chain from farm to our customer in future.
Beside quality of products, we still interest other department : Logicstic, packaging, employee. 


Our products will bring nutrional worth to people.
We help farmers twiges value of their products.
We reate many jobs for laborers.
Customers will not skip our products when they are given their hands only one time.
And the human health is the most important.!


Did You Know? 
  • Including fruit and vegetables in one’s daily diet can lessen the chances off miscarriage by almost half of the frequency, says a new research in London
  • Eating more fruit and vegetable could significantly reduce the risk of many chronic diseases high B.P, obesity, heart disease and some cancers. 
  • Mangoes are the most favorite and number 1 fruit in the world.
  • A durian is one of the world's biggest fruit with a strong smell
  • A single fruit is about 125 grams on average; where ¼ of it is only water.
  • A durian is a large fruit with a powerful smell. Its flavor is loved by some people, but many do not like the smell.
  • Yellow fruits help keep you from getting sick.
  • Green fruits help make your bones and teeth strong
  • Red fruit help keep your heart strong.