Rambutan Fruit is a comparatively common fruit like an apple which is common to many people in cooler climates.
Rambutan has many varieties, but in Vietnam there are three main varieties: Java Rambutan, Thai Rambutan and Nhan Rambutan. 
The Rambutan is a fruit considered exotic to people outside of its native range, looks like a sea creature with the soft fleshy hair from 2 to 3 cm long over the entire surface. The Rambutan has a sweet creamy rich flowery taste and is very refreshing.
A good Rambutan has a firm and juicy flesh. It has sweet, juicy flesh that is slightly acidic and small brown colored seeds whose oil is used in a number of industries. 
In Vietnam, Rambutans are grown mosly in the southern central provinces. Dong Nai is the region with the largest concentration of Rambutan, followed by Ben Tre and Vinh Long provinces.
Harvest season: All around year
Scientific Name: Nephelium lappaceum
Did You Know? 
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